The 48 laws of power

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Robert Greene «The 48 Laws of Power»

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This is the most amoral, the most scandalous, the most cynical ... and the most truthful book about power.
Henceforth, having learned the hard and cruel laws of behavior in power, having brilliantly formulated and backed up by the most interesting and unexpected historical facts, you can easily recognize what stands behind those or other words and actions of the "little" bosses and the powerful of this world, something, that they carefully trying to hide.

The “Bradel” handmade binding is made of genuine calf leather «Marrone» produced by the Italian tannery «Carisma».
The cover of the book is decorated with relief gold embossing using a foil «Luxor 240» and a volumetric pattern of manual embossing.
The edge is polished and gilded by hand.

Book, certificate, velvet pouch, wooden box, gift bag.

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АвторRobert Greene
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